The unique leading edge healing concepts of Health…for Life programs are your invitation to move into a new way of life where your focus is on being truly alive, on wellness, instead of disease management or even disease prevention. Do you know anyone who feels fabulous?  You can be that person! Can you imagine a life without chronic diseases, from allergies and asthma to cancer, diabetes and digestive disorders to heart disease and obesity. Many forms of chronic disease are generally preventable and reversible. I gently and expertly guide and inspire you to make choices that lay the foundation for Health…for Life. More ease, more peace as you nourish you in so many new ways. It is never too late or too early to "live live live your life."  (Maurice Sendak)

...awakening to the possibilities...
We are guests at life's table where the food is of our choosing.  Alice Fancher

Annie Scheppach, MS, CHHC
Tel: 703.548.4570

What Clients Are Saying

"You are so good at this...inspiring people to take charge of their lives, their health, in a whole new way.  You are a wonderful life teacher, a role model.  And, as a yoga teacher, you excel too." Sharon Armstong, Sharon Armstrong and Associates 

"You are an amazing powerhouse...any organization would be very lucky to have you.  Annie's coaching is a masterful combination of knowledge and intuitive support."  Katherine, Alexandria, VA

"Annie showed me a new way to look at life.  With her guidance, I see my life as a whole package that needs nourishment from the heart, stomach, and body."  Lara, Dublin, Ireland

"Your  support and guidance has helped me tremendously on my path."  Diane, McLean, VA

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